Best Scripts For A Health Magazine Website

Many people have switched from reading traditional offline magazines to reading magazines online. Today you can subscribe online and read any magazine you like. This is more convenient thing to do as magazines are created to match the gadget they are being read on. People mostly use tablets, smartphones and laptops for reading their favourite magazines, so you need to adjust to the modern times. Health topic is always popular with general population that searches for all kinds of information that relates to important health matters. If you are looking to build a strong online health magazine, then it is advisable you use a quality SEO optimized script. I suggest you take a look at websites like Men’s Inquirer and see if their templates fit your needs.  A script that comes with option for social sharing, displays ads, and that integrates well with Google Analytics. We are recommending using the script simply called Magazine as best to use for creating a health magazine website.

Magazine Script

            The Magazine script is a PHP script that comes at affordable price of just $25. For this price you are getting full support for six months, which you can extend it to one year if you pay additional $7.50. That makes this script a good option to use and the support you will receive is great, especially if you are novice in building health magazine website.

            With Magazine script you can create a very effective and attractive health website in just a few minutes. Magazine is created by using PHP Data Objects, which means it prevents scripting attacks and other problematic issues. There is a great feature for post publishing, so you can set exact time when you want new articles to be published. Analyzing statistics is performed quite easily from the simple, but quality dashboard. Besides this, with this script you can setup valuable SEO metadata for every category, post, or page on your health magazine website in order to attract bigger traffic. Another great thing is that there is a social media comment section that you can put after every post, which will trigger social interaction of users.

Top Features of Magazine Script

  • Your health magazine website can have different sections based on specific topics and categories.
  • You can create photo and video galleries where you can upload various photos and videos in addition to text.
  • Besides having one main page where you will put latest information, you can also dedicate specific pages to advertisers to boost traffic to your online magazine.
  • You can create newsletters for your subscribers and later export their data in adequate format to check out statistics.

            Magazine script comes with many more features in addition to those mentioned here. It is advisable you get this script and start building your health magazine site. You will certainly do it quickly and very efficiently. Explore all options and features or contact the support in case you find something challenging. Magazine script is very affordable, yet very powerful script that will make creation of your health magazine go smooth and fast.